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Clipperlamps.com is not only interested in selling its nautical products but is also dedicated to providing free information to people who sail, and to make there sailing safer and more enjoyable. The owner of Clipperlamps is a keen sailor with some twenty five years experience of the sea.

UK Shipping Forcast.

This link directs you to the UK Met Office for the lastest shipping forcast, and we wish you safe sailing where ever you are bound.

RYA Royal Yachting Association.

The RYA is the national organisation which represents the interests of everyone who goes boating for pleasure

Beaufort Scale.

This link gives you free information on the Beauford Scale wind speed, sea conditons and wind effect etc.

Welcome to Admiralty EasyTide.

The service provides tidal data for over 6000 ports worldwide together with a host of other useful information - make Admiralty EasyTide your first port of call for reliable tidal information.

Society for Nautical Research.

The Society was founded in 1910 to encourage research into matters relating to seafaring and shipbuilding in all ages and among all nations, into the language and customs of the sea, and into other subjects of nautical interest.

The Historical Maritime Society.

The Historical Maritime Society is a UK based historical research and re-enactment group recreating the Royal Navy.Our main area of interest is the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. These were the exciting times around the year 1805 when Britain was threatened by Bonaparte and only the Royal Navy could prevent invasion from across the Channel. 1805 was the year when Britain's greatest hero, Lord Horatio Nelson, sailed off to his fatal encounter at Trafalgar. Our aim is to educate and inform about shipboard life in the time of Nelson

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